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Tech Cleaning

At Team One, we pride ourselves on thinking about the little things you might overlook.

Believe it or not, your tech gets pretty dirty! But don’t worry, we’ve thought about it. Which is why we have everything you need to get it clean like new.  We feature technician cleaning tools and products from these OEM partners:

  • Canless Air Hurricanes: Cordless air dusters that are powerful and the environmentally-friendly alternative to canned air.
  • KICTeam: Technical device cleaning products – cleaning cards, swabs, wipes, and more.
  • MetroVac: Commercial-grade vacuums, dusters, and accessories. Proudly made in the USA!

Layer 1 - Tech CleaningKICTEAM LOGO 2 - Tech CleaningMetroVAC New Logo - Tech Cleaning