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We’re with you from start to finish to make sure your e-waste is properly recycled.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the US alone throws away an average of 9.4 million tons of electronic waste each year. Almost 100% of e-waste is recyclable, yet only about 12% is properly disposed of. At Team One, we are dedicated to changing these numbers. Team One is a certified “0” landfill e-waste recycler.

Many products purchased from Team One can be recycled with us as well. From the biggest electronic system to the smallest circuit board, we want to make sure that none of our recycling ends up in a landfill. We also provide certified and secure SDD and HDD destruction and wipe services to Mil-Std. Get in touch with us when it’s time to upgrade or replace any of your electronics. Not only will we help you find the next best product, we can ensure that your e-waste is recycled properly to your secure standards.

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