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3D-SOLVE™ Water Soluble Filament 3D Printlife


3D Printlife 3D-SOLVE™ Water Soluble Filament

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3D-SOLVE™ is a water soluble material that allows you to print complex geometries with the ability to rinse away supports.

Best of all 3D-SOLVE™ dissolves in water by 99% in 20 just minutes!

In a single print build, 3D-SOLVE™ allows you to print gravity-defying overhangs or built-in movement and articulation.  3D suspension and previously-impossible complex designs are easily achieved.  All it takes is a rinse under the tap or a soak in a bowl of water to loosen and dissolve the supports. There is nothing to break away and no leftover “support stubble”, no matter how deep or out-of-reach the area.

3D-SOLVE™ is made of 100% biodegradable materials. This filament has been designed for quick dissolving and easy removal, while being safe to flush down drains.

  • Non Toxic

  • Safe to rinse down the drain

  • 100% biodegradable if thrown in trash

  • 3D-SOLVE™ adheres to ABS, Nylon, PETG, PLAyPHAb, DURA, OMNI, and many other materials. 3D-SOLVE™ is NOT compatible with PLA.

3D-SOLVE™ also has a wide nozzle temperature range of 205°C to 235°C allowing it to match up with base materials more easily, and it does not require a heated bed.

3D-SOLVE™meets ASTM D6400 standards for biodegradability and maintains a dimensional accuracy better than +/- 0.03mm.

In addition a portion of the proceeds from every spool of 3D-SOLVE™ will be donated to environmental charity plant a tree. One spool equals one tree, rejuvenating iconic forests in key locations throughout the United States.

3D water - 3D-SOLVE™ Water Soluble Filament 3D Printlife
3D filament articulation movement - 3D-SOLVE™ Water Soluble Filament 3D Printlife

3D-SOLVE™ is made in the USA with the highest quality materials and extrusion processes available.  Every inch of 3D-SOLVE™ is measured to ensure that it is within the strictest standards for quality, diameter and ovality.  3D Printlife uses high quality 100% virgin resins and colorants in filament manufacturing. Each spool of 3D-SOLVE™ is carefully wound to exacting standards to minimizing crossovers and loopbacks that can lead to snags and snaps.

The packaging is also thoughtfully designed to be environmentally friendly.  In fact the entire spool can be tossed directly into your recycling bin! 3D Printlife’s filament spool is made of heavy 100% recycled cardboard that is biodegradable and bound together with a recyclable tin cap.  The spool includes both a cutout for viewing filament and dual puncture slots to secure filament when not in use.  The flange can even rotate to in either direction to aid in securing the filament wherever it has been cut.  The spool was specifically designed for universal fit with most 3d printers in use worldwide.




Dimensional Accuracy
< +/- 0.03mm

Nozzle Temperature
205°C to 235°C

Print Bed Temperature
Not Required

Additional information

Filament Diameter

1.75mm, 2.85mm

Filament Color


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