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How Cold Weather Affects Electrical Equipment

You may not like the cold, but your computer might. While excessive heat can cause systems and equipment to, well, overheat, it turns out that colder weather may be better for your payment centers and 3D printers. Sort of.

Electrical Equipment Likes the Cold
Operating systems tend to generate a lot of heat. Because of this, your equipment is much more likely to thrive in a colder environment than a warmer one. Too much heat can cause a meltdown both internally and externally, which is why most equipment tends to come with a built-in fan. But that doesn’t mean you should put your display center in the refrigerator. 

Be Wary of the Thermostat
In the winter months, we’re more likely to use personal heaters or the furnace to compensate for the cold. And that’s ok, because most people don’t turn up the temperature high enough to cause damage. But even if turning up the heat doesn’t affect your equipment; it might affect your electrical system. See, the overuse of both heating and cooling systems can take a toll on your electric circuits. Especially in businesses that require a lot of electrical equipment in a smaller space, too much demand can stress out your power supply. This, in turn, can cause electrical surges or spikes that damage processing systems or even cause a power outage over time. 

To prevent this, we recommend power protection or smart power devices to regulate low-voltage spikes, power surges, and even that humming sound from the fridge. A smooth, steady power supply will keep your devices running longer in any season. Especially in a business setting like a restaurant, library or warehouse, you can’t afford a power outage. Make sure your equipment is protected.

What if I Left My Equipment in the Cold?
More likely than not, you should be fine. Damage is more likely to come from extreme temperature range fluctuations. Check your equipment’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended operating temperature ranges. Don’t forget to keep your humidity balanced. This is especially critical for 3D Printers and Filament. Depending on where you live, a humidifier or dehumidifier is a wise investment 

All in all, the cold weather is more likely to affect employees than it is your electrical equipment. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Stay up to date on maintaining and repairing your electrical equipment. In rain, snow, sleet or even more snow, we’re here to make sure your business keeps running. Check out our Repair Center or other equipment for your business.

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