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A Breakdown on Power Protection

All your electrical equipment needs the right fuel. Just like our bodies are affected by what we eat, the longevity of your devices can be affected by your quality of electricity. Issues with service towers or even the amount of power you consume can cause system breakdowns and power outages. Take measures to ensure you have reliable power.

What is Reliable Power?
An ideal power supply is like a river: steady and smooth. When weather or other disruptions affect your power, low or high spikes in electricity can shock your system. Most of the time your equipment can recover, but over the years all those little shocks add up. To extend the life of your electrical equipment, power protection devices regulate your electricity so you never get too much or too little. Does your facility need a power quality check-up? Place a request for our Smart Power Analyzer. It’s easy: just plug it in press start and send it back to Team One for a complete analysis report on your building. Now that’s Smart!  

Who Needs Reliable Power?
Everyone, but this is especially important for larger businesses, warehouses and other buildings. Particularly if you use devices that regularly turn on and off like elevators, refrigerators or air conditioners, you’re at risk for these voltage spikes. A single power protection device can protect multiple systems so you don’t have to worry about service calls, power outages, and replacing equipment. Plus, you save on energy consumption, so you can enjoy cost savings on your electric bills.

How Does it Work?
Simply plug your power protection device in and it starts automatically. It’s a simple and low-maintenance way to protect your business!

The right power protection device depends on the size of your business and the type of electrical equipment. Check out the full range of our devices or talk to Team One to learn what system is best for you.

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